[How to marinate before making fish]

[How to marinate before making fish]

In fact, many people don’t know that fish need to be marinated before making it.

The cured fish can taste deeper and more delicious.

Marinated fish is actually very simple, but some people always apply it unevenly.

If it is not applied evenly, it will cause a deviation in taste.

Fish is a long process, so pay close attention to the heat.

The time should not be too long, and the fire should not be too large.

The fried fish is also very crispy and has no spines. The spines are crispy.

Ingredients for braised fish: fish, wine, shallot, garlic, chili lard, seasoning.

Method: 1. Submerge salt, condiments, and fried powder for about half an hour after killing fish. 2. Put oil in hot pan, put fish in oil heat, alternately fry fish on low or medium heat until golden brown.The disc is spare.

3, put oil in hot pan, scallion white, garlic or minced garlic, ginger slices, etc., put an appropriate amount of water, put your favorite condiments (such as watercress sauce, cooking wine, old soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, etc.) hook into juice.
Put the fish in and simmer for about ten minutes.

Generally, the longer the simmering time, the more the flavors of various condiments will enter, but the simmering can not be continued forever.

As appropriate.

4, after the fish is cooked, put onion, cilantro and other decorative items you like, that is to achieve the purpose of aggravating the fragrance and the purpose of decoration.

Tips: 1. It is better to use low fire for fried fish. Slow-fried fish is very crispy.

If it is used for braised fish, apply an appropriate amount of fried flour when frying. If not, use flour.

Note that water must be mixed before applying the flour.

No matter whether the fried fish is eaten directly or used for braised fish, the oil should not be too small, otherwise the bottom will be related to whether it is a “non-stick pan”, but it has little to do with it.

Regardless of whether the fried fish is to be eaten directly or to be eaten after braised, it is necessary to fry over a small fire until the skin of the fish is golden brown before serving.

2. The fish is smelly, and the skin is fragrant and delicious, but the fish is not delicious and tasteless. The reason is as follows: Before frying, the fish must be salted and spilled for about half an hour,Can achieve muddy effect.

If the fried fish is used for braised fish, it is also the same with salt, and you should also pour some soy sauce, cooking wine and other favorite condiments, and then apply fried flour or flour.